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Mare and Foal


Assisted reproduction in the mare is the primary focus of Royal Vista Southwest. We provide the kind of detailed care for your donor mare that will maximize her reproductive efficiency, through nutrition, preventative health care and a low stress environment. Our highly experienced and well trained staff, focused solely on reproduction, treats each mare as an individual and recognizes her particular needs or difficulties. We welcome the challenge of managing mares that have previously been reproductively unsuccessful. Our experience and expertise allows us to achieve the highest possible success rates.


Royal Vista recognizes that its success is dependent on its large herd of quality recipient mares that are screened for reproductive soundness, fed a nutritionally balanced diet, and maintained with a preventative medicine program.
As a result of using quality recipient mares, attention to detail, and an experienced staff our high success rates allow us to offer a LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE that is unique in the industry.


Royal Vista Southwest is committed to providing the BEST possible client service and communication in the business!




Royal Vista Southwest presents
STREAK OF MOON BRZ to the US for the first time!



We have a very exciting ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Royal Vista Southwest is happy to present to the US for the first time, STREAK OF MOON BRZ!
He is a 2012 Brazilian stallion by the great A Streak Of Fling and out of the producing daughter of Marthas Six Moons, Marthas My Name. And he is a BAY ROAN!!
He will be standing in 2016 for $1,750 with consideration for proven mares, Frozen Semen Only. Check out his Facebook page Streak Of Moon BRZ and the website for more information on his training updates and first foal crop being born now in Brazil!


“It is a great pleasure for the first time in history to send semen of a great stallion in Brazil. Streak of Moon BRZ in Brazil is already a fact and has been inseminating the best mares in Brazil. I have no doubt he will add a lot to the American market, with all its speed, skill, conformation, temperament, color and pedigree.
A dream that now comes true with our friends from Royal Vista Southwest, and it can be yours too!”
Philipp Reisinger- Delta Farm


It’s a great pleasure and honor for us, to know that Streak of Moon BRZ, Will have the chance to breed the best mares in US, the same chance we are providing him here in Brazil
Raphaela Ranch